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Mrs. Valencia's

Favorite Science Sites

Brain pop Dragonfly Space
Children's Museum How Stuff Works Kid's Castle
Funology Magic Schoolbus I Spy
Rockets Space Place Yuckiest site on the internet
NASA Kids NASA Games Star Child
inventor's Hall of Fame School House Rock What could it be?
Why Files Inventions Amazing Space

Meteorology                    Cloud Boutique

What it is like where you live
Your weight in Other Worlds Endangered Species  Herman the Earthworm
Owl Pages The Heart Exploration To the Moon
Matter Climate Change Static Electricity
Earth Moon System Fault Lines Earth
Inheriting Traits Kingdoms for Life Cell Structure
Physics Magnets Simple Machines
Rocks for Kids Planets Matter
Schools online Animal Land Weather 
Plant Escape Secret Life of Trees Let's talk About insects
Sea World EduGreen World Biomes
Rattle Snake info Butterfly Zone Avalanche
Fire Prevention  Fire prevention 2 Volcanoes
Nasa just for kids NASA Quest nine planets